Case Studies

Dispute Resolution

A company challenged a research centre, accusing the research centre of having misappropriated an existing intellectual property. This allegation was made based on the fact there were a string of patent applications submited by the research centre which looked similar to the applications made by the company. The inventor at the research centre claimed that there was no misappropriation, especially owing to significant differences found in the claim of the patent applications.

Both parties agreed to mediation.

End result: The parties agreed that they would wait for the patent office  to reach a decision on whether or not to grant patent rights to the research centre. No lawsuit was filed.

Legal opinion - Brazilian Jurisdiction

An University was losing money on a tech transfer contract, but was not sure of the implications in cancelling this agreement. 

We reviewed the documents and reached the conclusion that the agreement could be terminated without any liability to the University. Therefore a  formal letter was written to the third party  explaining the commercial and legal reasons why the agreement would be terminated.

Result: The third party eventually accepted the decision and did not seek litigation.